Thank you for all your help. It has kept me racing and improved my quality of life. Your understanding of sports , sport injuries and athletes is outstanding.
-Dennis Noel
Dr. Jeff Stripling has been an amazing addition to my health care needs.  He has dramatically repaired several areas of major concern, and a few others are much improved as I continue my treatments with him!  I highly recommend ART, Active Release Technique to anyone with aches and pains!
The exercise program he gave me to help me continue to stay strong, healthy and pain free, helps tremendously, but only when I actually do the exercises, so I believe I would feel even better, if I kept up my end of the bargain!  He held up his end, and has provided knowledgeable, professional and supportive care! 

Reenie Davis Hale


I’ve always been skeptical of Chiropractors. I had gone to two before in my life and all they did was pop my neck and take my money…..Jeff Stripling changed my mind! He took a long time evaluating me then even longer adjusting me. AND NOW I FEEL GREAT!!!! Thanks man!

Dropping Plates CrossFit



I went to see Dr. Jeff Stripling today at Missouri Spine and Sport in Rolla, MO. Prior to today, I’d been to visit one chiropractor in St Robert, and left unimpressed.

Suffice it to say that I WILL be back to visit Dr. Jeff and his practice. He took plenty of time to get a comprehensive health history from me, formulated a treatment plan, and then got started on treating me through a combination of ART, manipulation, core exercises, etc.

Notwithstanding some trigger point areas, I left with pain decreased by quite a bit, and with a much greater range of motion. Considering I’ve had 9 surgeries and have some chronic pain issues, color me VERY impressed.

In any event – I can’t recommend Dr. Stripling and Keri and his practice enough.

-Matt Windsor

I have to say that I was really impressed with the professionalism and service here! Jeff took time to assess my injuries, and then applied the A.R.T. to provide several releases to my affected muscles. He worked me through a complete range of motion for several muscle groups, and afterwards I had mobility I’ve only attained after a serious hot yoga session!! This was two days ago.
Repercussions the next day – muscle soreness, but nothing too bad. And a followup from Jeff to make sure everything was ok! A rare treat nowadays.
Day 2 – Feeling great, and even the muscle soreness is barely noticeable. Still Planning on a followup before a race in a couple weeks, but feel ready to do anything!! Overall very impressed and excited to go back!!

– Paul Frisbee, yoga instructor



Being an ultra runner, I regularly push my body to its limits, some times risking injury.  Regular appointments with Dr.  Stripling for Active Release Technique treatments have accelerated my body’s natural healing process, allowing me to recover faster from injuries and greatly increase my training.  Since my first appointment with Dr. Stripling, I have been so surprised by how much better I feel after hard workouts.  Thanks to the chiropractic treatments and Dr. Stripling’s expert advice on how to strengthen my problem areas, I am getting faster all the time, and now have the confidence to tackle my first 100 mile race this year.

– Kyle Pietari, 4th Place 2013 Leadville 100,  Winner 2011 Slickrock 50K, 2nd Place 2011 Denver Half-Marathon


As an avid triathlete who qualified for the 70.3 World Championships, the Ironman World Championships and the Offroad world championships when my season could have been over, I am grateful for Dr. Stripling’s help. I suffered an injury early in the season, which could have sidelined me. Dr. Stripling helped me to the podium and to Kona. He now keeps me pain and injury free.

-Richard Byyny, MD, MSc



I have been competing in kettlebell sport for just over a year after many years of participating and competing in cycling.  As I progress and have begun training with increasingly heavier loads, I have much more confidence in my abilities knowing that I have Dr. Jeff Stripling on my team.  As a Chiropractor and ART practitioner, he is extremely skilled in both diagnosing problems and providing treatment.  What makes him invaluable is that he is also an athlete, so he is knowledgeable about injuries that can result from participating in sports, and more importantly, he is capable of providing treatment that will allow for continued training.  Dr. Stripling is an incredible resource.

– Kimberly Hodes, Girevoy Sport Athlete


During the past several years, Jeff has helped me enormously in everything from back and posture issues to most recently upper shoulder and neck pain.

What I really enjoy about Jeff is not only his thoroughness but his personality as well. He takes an interest in the whole person. His friendliness is only surpassed by his professionalism and knowledge of the body. Each time I have visited, he has “asked” if any of the treatments are too much. He’s very sensitive to pain issues and because he is, he takes whatever time is necessary to promote the “healing” process. I always feel 100% better when I leave.

I have not seen Jeff just for “acute” issues but also for maintenance and adjustments. He is great about suggesting exercises and will take the time to show you how to best perform those exercises. He’s a great believer in preventing future problems, too.

Jeff is my “go-to” guy whenever I’m experiencing pain. I know I speak for many of us patients when I say we’re going to miss him so much as he and Keri leave Denver and move to Missouri.

All of his new patients there are going to be very lucky to have Jeff, his expertise, professionalism and personality.

– Christy B


 I’ve been an active person  since 1976. It started as 5 mile runs every day, then two mile swims every day mixed with weights and bicycle rides. In 1986 while overdoing squats with over 300 pounds, I injured my back. The long tortuous journey of misdiagnosis and pain eventually led to an even worse surgery.
  I found a wonderful chiropractor in Boulder who got me on the path to health. Two years ago I was dealing with a painful shoulder injury that I couldn’t get to heal. My chiropractor at the time had done well by me but he seemed unable to make a difference. A friend had mentioned Advanced Release Technique to me and how long-lasting the results are. I found Dr. Jeff Stripling and as they say the rest is history.
  Jeff is thoughtful, caring and actually listens. As a patient to get the best results we have to listen as well. He had prescribed a number of stretches and exercises which I neglected to do and wondered why I wasn’t improving. Amazingly, when I actually listened, the results were amazing. A few months ago I had two tons of rock delivered to the house. In one day I shoveled the rock out and spread it and the next day I wasn’t even sore! Just for the record, I’m 65…. not hardly old but not 25 either.
  The picture was taken today. It was only a 35 mile ride but it sure is fun to do these things and feel good doing them. Jeff’s ability with A.R.T. coupled with his knowledge and his understanding of the joy of being active make him my “go to guy”.
– Jim Trinidad
Jeff is a savior!  He helped me quickly overcome a nagging knee injury which took me out of last year’s Leadville 100 Mountain Bike Race.  I wish I had found Jeff before the race!  I would have most certainly been able to compete if I had.  Jeff was able to quickly identify the root cause of my injury and successfully treat the stiffness and pain with ART.  Before Jeff, I had tried physical therapy and deep tissue massages without much success.  What I truly appreciate about Jeff’s treatment is his holistic approach to injury prevention and care.  He gave me a succinct stretching, trigger point and strengthening routine with which I am able to successfully manage the injury on my own.  I have no doubt that Jeff can help resolve your pain and injuries as well.
– Adam Pritz
tucker saye
As a professional motocross racer, injuries become a part of life. It is a top priority to get back to 100% healthy and start racing again, or I am out of a job. I had a very serious injury in 2007 that left me with a shattered elbow and required metal implants. In the summer of 2010 I had to have that metal removed during a second surgery. I struggled for months to get my elbow back to normal but it seemed to become more painful as I started racing again. During this time I suffered a broken femur, which also needed surgery. I knew if I was going to continue with my racing career that I had to get my leg and my elbow back to normal before I got back on a bike. We saw the surgeon again and he said that my elbow was very traumatized and it would likely never be the same. Well I was not about to take no for an answer so I began searching for answers. A friend told me about A.R.T. therapy and I had to try it. I found Denver Chiropractic Center and immediately set up an appointment with Dr. Jeff Stripling. I spent a month working with Dr. Stripling on my elbow and my leg. On May 1st I got back on a bike with a well healed leg and an elbow that has never felt better. My leg is 100% normal and my elbow feels better than it has in over a year. A.R.T. therapy and Dr. Stripling helped me get back to racing at 100%, something many people told me was impossible. If you are looking for chiropractic work or A.R.T. therapy I can assure you that there is no better place to go. Thank you Dr. Stripling for all the continuous hard work!

– Tucker Saye #693



To compete as an ultra marathon runner, there is nothing more important than being healthy. Showing up at the start line injury free is a must, although it is easier said than done. In prior years, Injuries to my IT band and Achilles tendon have kept me sidelined and led to mediocre race results, not to mention pain and discomfort in everyday activities.

This past season I visited Dr. Stripling on a regular basis to expedite the recovery of my overuse injuries. His use of Active Release Therapy and Graston Technique helped me to heal much more quickly than I have in the past. I now visit Dr. Stripling on a regular basis to help me remain healthy and energized. I have managed to stay injury free, while increasing both the volume and intensity of my workouts.

Thank you, Dr. Stripling, for all of your help!

– Patrick Stewart sub 21 Hour Finisher Leadville 100 Ultramarathon, 10th Place 2012 Hardrock 100 Ultramarathon


I have known Jeff for several years.  He is a caring and dedicated professional.  As an RN working at one of his satellite clinics, I have witnessed his manner with people who are in pain.  People trust him right away.  Which makes it much easier to treat them and they get better quicker.  Jeff is genuinely interested in his patients well being and he does listen to their input and treats accordingly.  He always asks if any treatment is too much.

He has helped me with my back spasms.  I have not been able to work continuously at kitchen counter level for over 15 years.  This year I prepared a complete Christmas dinner for my 10 person family with no back spasms.  He truly changed my life.  Since he is leaving Colorado, he has shown me the exercises and stretches I need to continue so I can stay healthy.  But, I may have to fly to Missouri to continue with his treatment!

Melody Gibbon RN


You were instrumental in my recovery!  My range of motion and my strength increased greatly because of your treatments.  Matter of fact, my surgeon and doctors could not believe I recovered so quickly, and was nearly 100%!

~ Bill Douglas



Over a conversation with a good friend, Dr. Stripling’s named popped up as someone that might be able to help me with my list of aches and pains.  With a long history of Motocross in my background, I had years of issues hidden in my body.  Converting over to cross country mountain bike racing helped strengthen many areas as well shed full light on these hidden problems.  Putting the mountain bike aside and picking up a road bike helped easy many of these pains.  As the itch to become a better cyclist and with a heavy volume of training, something needed to be done.  Being new to the Denver area I took full opportunity of the referral from my buddy.  From the first appointment with Dr. Stripling I knew we would be well on our way to unlocking performance and putting an end to years of nagging pains.  All my neck pain, lower back pain, shoulder pain, hip pain, knee pains, and even my issues with migraines, Dr. Stripling has been able to eliminate my major complaints.  Now I visit him on a as needed basis, as training volume picks up and with the race season is in full swing.  We can address each new issue right away to continue striving for more performance and less pain from my changing body.  I highly recommend Dr. Jeff Stripling, his willingness to help, and the Active Release Techniques to anyone.  I am very excited that he is a part of my path in life.  Cheers to a stronger body!

– Kellen Tanner, Professional Cyclist


0381_42470 (1)

We’ve been back from Ironman Texas for a few weeks now.  In order of importance, the highlights are:

  1.  My foot didn’t bother me at all the entire race;
  2. Husband and I both finished;
  3. We finished together, hand in hand!

My husband, Sasa, developed a nasty blister at mile 5 of the run and was reduced to walking.  I caught up with him at mile 15 and we walked the rest of the way.  Finish time was 15:43:52 and included a seven-hour (!) marathon, but it was worth it.
Thank you for your time and attention to my foot, hip and spine; it did the trick.  We will race  Ironman Boulder in August!

-Aundrea Davis, Multiple Ironman Finisher


photo (2)

First of all, Dr. Stripling squared up my concerns with my back in about 4-5 sessions and taught me some exercises/stretches to help move things along.  He answered 99% of my questions about my shoulder concerns and even took time to try to restore mobility and strength through Active Release.  My back has given me issues off and on for about 6 years and hasn’t acted up one bit since Dr. Stripling.  Since I play a lot of volleyball and I have a work hard/play hard lifestyle, my shoulder takes a beating at work and at play.  Dr. Stripling made me feel so comfortable with his practice that I purchased a bundled package of 10 sessions and felt progress after each visit.  Thanks again Dr. Stripling!
– Jonathan Miller
I used a Groupon for my first visit and it helped so much, I just keep going back!I injured my shoulder two years ago and nothing I have done has been able to help.  I saw this place pop up on Groupon and figured I should give it a try.  The first visit was sort of lackluster, but I knew the therapy and exercises would help if I just went back a few times.  I did, and although my shoulder isn’t fixed it is well on its way to recovery.I like the combo of ART and chiropractic care, combined with PT.  It seems like a more holistic approach to healing injuries. Dr. Stripling has been excellent to work with.  He has really helped me with exercises to rehab my shoulder, and I always feel like he listens to me, even if he doesn’t always know what to make of me.    My insurance was being finnicky, but Kerry at the front desk has been so helpful working with them and with me that everything has worked out perfectly.  She is so friendly and even told me about an awesome place to get my hair did (because her hair is so cute, so I asked her for a recommendation) and that was the best salon experience I have also had!  No complaints here.  They don’t want to keep you there for months and months, just long enough to give relief to the pain.  I respect that a lot.  I don’t want to waste my time and money and neither do they.  I guarantee I will keep using this place while I am in Colorado when I need pain relief.
– Kathryn H. (YELP review)
After having a negative experience with a different chiropractic office here in Denver, I came here.What a difference! Dr. Stripling uses a technique called Active Release and so far I am very impressed. I was recently in a car accident and have neck and back issues as a result. I really appreciate the fact that they are not high pressure and have not tried to get me to buy a package as soon as I walked in the door. They seem genuinely concerned with improving my pain and stiffness more than pushing a package on me. Thank you!
– Jay B (YELP review)


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