*** Before beginning an exercise or therapy program, it is important to check with your healthcare professional first***

The following videos provide demonstrations for effective exercise and rehabilitation movements:

Kettlebells are a fantastic tool for increasing muscular endurance, movement efficiency, preventing musculoskeletal injuries, and affecting body composition.  Below is a great introductory video featuring my first kettlebell coach, Ken Blackburn.

Below are tutorial videos filmed in conjunction with CrossFit Denver

1) Kettlebell Overview

2) Kettlebell Swing Variations

3) Kettlebell Snatch

4) Kettlebell Clean

5) Kettlebell Squat Variations

6) Kettlebell Bear

7) Kettlebell Juggling

8) Kettlebell Windmill

9) Kettlebell Dynamic Warm-up

10) Kettlebell Turkish Get-Up (TGU)

11) Kettlebell Renegade Row

12) Burpee Basics

13) Kettlebell Power Snatch Lunge

14) Tabata Demonstration



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