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Weight Training

A DOCTOR WHO type rest day

Today was rest day, shoulder girdle and chest is super tight so I did quite a bit of mobility and trigger point work.  I will be doing a lot of stretching and foam rolling tonight while watching Doctor Who.  Have you seen that show?  It is addictive, I even got Keri to watch a few episodes with me!

Getting adjusted and having ART done tomorrow, this is a perk for working with another ART doc.


45 min walk, 3.5mph at 5º – semi fasted, have small black coffee(after downing large water) at home while waking up, then sipping protein shake as I walk

RDL 12/10/8/6 -I have tweaked the low back last few DL sessions so sticking with the RDL

Leg Press 20/18/16/14 – came across a tip that if you choke up a bit (butt 4-6″off mat) you can complete FULL ROM without the low going into flexion, will try that out tomorrow

SS 1

  • Leg ext 3 x 15
  • Leg curl 3 x 15

SS 2

  • Calf raises 4 x 20
  • Crunch 4 x 10
  • Reverse crunch 4 x 10

About Dr. Jeff Stripling

Hey everyone, I am a Rolla, Missouri-based Active Release Technique (ART) chiropractor who specialises in musculoskeletal injuries, sports injuries, and active physical rehabilitation. Some things that are near and dear to my life are family and friends, my relationship with God, cycling, kettlebells, hiking/climbing, and QUALITY food and drink.


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