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Steve Maxwell’s Warrior Workout and Why Sitting is Not Cool

Most of us are pretty sedentary throughout the day, this means alot of sitting.  Sitting is no bueno.  It tightens the hip flexors, increases the rate of degeneration, creates asymmetries and weakness, and will lockup your spine if you let it.

Chronic, dull, aching mid/upper back pain is one of the most common problems I see in practice.***  Chiropractic adjustments and Active Release Techniques restores range of motion and breaks up the adhesions in the muscles but if you keep doing the same thing that caused the problem, odds are you will be back in my office soon with even more issues.

The good news is that you can do alot of things at home to keep everything moving right once we have removed the fixation/scar tissue.  Trigger point work, foam roller, posture exercises, lifestyle changes, and mobility exercises are just a few of the things you can do yourself to prevent further issues.  Below is a video of an insanely EASY way to maintain mobility in the thoracic spine and shoulder blades.  Watch the video and do it.  NOW

You may feel some ‘popping’ in the back which is fine.  That is called a cavitation, which simply means the air is getting pushed out of the joint.  You should not feel ANY pain,  pain means something is wrong and you should call us at 303-300-0424 to be seen.

***Almost all cases of mid/upper back pain are musculoskeletal related and can be improved by a chiropractor, in the odd case that it is something else, your chiropractor will refer you to the right specialist

Tonight’s class will be a burner,  We will be doing Steve Maxwell’s 22 minute Kettlebell Warrior Workout.  

“Who is Steve Maxwell?”

Whaaaaaaaaaaaat?!  Burpee penalties for you!  Steve Maxwell is a S&C legend, check him out immediately.

I will be beating a dead horse, but we WILL run through ALL of the movements before we begin and scaling individuals if necessary.  Here we go…


  • Minute 1 and 2: Around the World
  • Minute 3 and 4: Halos
  • Minute 5 and 6: Figure 8s
  • Minute 7: Good Morning (back weighted)
  • Minute 8: Rt Windmill
  • Minute 9: Rt Squat Around the World
  • Minute 10: Lt Windmill
  • Minute 11: Lt Squat Around the World
  • Minute 12: Rt Single Arm Swing
  • Minute 13: Rt TGU
  • Minute 14: Lt Single Arm Swing
  • Minute 15: Lt TGU
  • Minute 16: Side Lunge (cradle grip)
  • Minute 17 and 18: Rt/Lt Snatch
  • Minute 19 and 20: Rt/Lt Clean and Press
  • Minute 21: Swing Flip Squat
  • Minute 22: Deck Squat

Finish in the hallway with some loaded carries then we will stretch it out!

Also want to post a fun little workout Keri and I did on Sunday for you to try out.

This is a fun full body complex (BIG push/pull) that is great for changing body composition and creating a huge metabolic demand.
For my specific goals I like to run before weights, this is not a good idea if you are trying to pack on muscle or goal is absolute strength. For leaning out? This works wonderful.

Choose weights that will challenge you, but not sacrifice form. *Doing this workout with lightweights defeats the purpose*. If these movements are new to you, SEEK a qualified coach or instructor.

Run 30′

Barbell Jerk 2x
Kettlebell Swing (Hardstyle) 4x
Repeat complex for 10 sets. Rest 1 minute between sets.

Steve Maxwell ladies and gentleman


About Dr. Jeff Stripling

Hey everyone, I am a Rolla, Missouri-based Active Release Technique (ART) chiropractor who specialises in musculoskeletal injuries, sports injuries, and active physical rehabilitation. Some things that are near and dear to my life are family and friends, my relationship with God, cycling, kettlebells, hiking/climbing, and QUALITY food and drink.


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