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Training and Top 20 Films



Set 1: 24kg LC 1’30”  9,4RPM

Set2: 24kg LC 1’30”   9,4RPM

Set 3: 16kg LC 5′  10RPM

Medium Assist Set

Run 10 min.

Stretch and EAT

In the midst of chicken/asparagus/rice and Seinfeld (George slays me), somehow Keri and I started talking about ALL-TIME favorite flicks.  So over a couple of quality CO IPA’s we started to write-up our Top 20 (10 is impossible).  I have always loved watching a great film and am confident that my choices are the best (subject to change tomorrow).  IF you disagree, let me know.  TROLLs are welcome.  Glendale rugby is in need of tackling dummies.

Top 20 in No Particular Order:

1-      The Man From Nowhere – Somehow found this on Hulu, wonderful story about a man finding redemption.  Great characters, sick action, South Korea has some AMAZING filmmakers.

2-      Gattaca – My ole man was a biology professor who turned me on to this.  Satire? Maybe not so much in the near future.  I love transformations of the characters in film. You will notice this throughout the list.  The discipline and passion of Ethan Hawke’s protagonist gets me jacked to climb Capital* every time I see this.   That feeling, sadly, does not last. *For my Colorado folk*  HEY – here is the full movie.  Buy it after and support quality sci-fi!

3-      The Incredibles – The greatest comic book movie ever made.  Brad Bird 1/3.

4-      The Good, The Bad, The Ugly – Another film my dad turned me on to.  I thought it was boring the first time I saw it, did not appreciate it until later.  Ugly til I die.

5-      Ratatoullie – I love food, this is food erotica with a mouse and an excellent story.  Pixar.  Boom.  Brad Bird 2/3.

6-      The Burbs – I could watch this movie on replay until swine can soar.  Still think Carrie Fisher robbed the cradle with T Hanks in this one.  “Mr. Rumsfield!”

7-      Iron Giant – I always try to appreciate animation, but often the story is so asinine that I can’t stomach it.  Not the case here.  This movie is everything that is RIGHT; hope, passion, love, adventure, boldness.

8-      The Truman Show – Jim Carrey is a heck of an actor when he wants to be.  Not settling for where you are from? Yep.  Foreign lands? Yep. Reaching further? Hell yeah!  This is a not so unbelievable (Double Negative) story about where we could be heading and what we are capable of.

9-      Last of the Mohicans – My best bud in grad school turned me on to this.  He got me into running marathons, to live outside the box, and to watch this movie.  He also lost 4 toes while winning an Ultramarathon in Wisconsin in February.  Yeah, watch this movie and you will climb a Redwood with a mountain lion on your back.  Below is the final scene that you should watch before training.  EVERY TIME.  Major spoilers obviously.

10-   Death Rides A Horse – This was a part of three spaghetti westerns on one disc for five bucks.  The rest were awful, this helps me appreciate the amazing family I have and truly tugs at the heartstrings like few things can.

11-   Dances with Wolves – We vacationed to the Badlands and rest of South Dakota a lot growing up.  I learned Kevin Costner had a passion for that land and had a soft spot for his films since.  It doesn’t hurt that his films are AMAZING.  He is my favorite actor based on the number of his movies I love; Open Range, Revenge, Waterworld (yeah), The Postman (yeah), etc.  Again, transformations in film are my thing.  Damn those west bound heathens!

12-   True Romance – I saw this real LATE one night in HS and it just clicked.  The guy who loves Sonny Chiba and comics can take on the mob and get the GIRL?!  Alright!  It also has THE BEST Mexican stand-off of all time.  Below is Dennis Hopper and Chris Walken squarin’ off.  Spoilers ahead.

13-   The Hitcher – I HATE gore-porn horror, no need for it and have no interest in that sort of thing.  Is this violent?  Yes.  Is there gore? Yes.  But there is so much more, you witness a young man going through Hell and how he adapts.  Adaptation is a good descriptor for this movie.  Man, it hits hard.

14-   Green Street Hooligans – I grew into a soft 270lb junior who could play center pretty well, but one day didn’t want to be the ‘big guy’ anymore.  Lost 80lbs, went to Germany during EuroCup, and discovered soccer.  I watched this movie after I walked on to a college soccer team with no experience and it only fueled my fire.  This movie played a huge part in my life at a crucial time when I didn’t know what the heck I was doing.

15-   The Hunter – I have only seen this movie once, it rocked me, rocked me hard.  William Dafoe enters Tasmania lost, and leaves found.

16-   Pan’s Labrynth– Children’s fantasy?  Horror?  A MUST see film?  Yes to the above.

17-   Saving Private Ryan – I saw this when I was a tween and the opening scene left me shell shocked.  I had my own basement bachelor pad thing going on and this was my GROWN UP movie.  Took a few times to get through the thing but I remember weeping at the end even that young.  It gets only more poignant as you get older.  * As a side, I thank this film for creating Band of Brothers, which I got to watch with my father as it ran week to week

18-   What Dreams May Come – Robin Williams has range (Death to Smoochy, One Hour Photo).  This was the second story I read by Richard Matheson (the first was I AM Legend), again I saw this at the right time at that weird 20 yrs of age and it still hasn’t left me.

19-   Dredd – Never read the comic, Sly’s version was a blast during sleepovers when I was 12 but this movie LEVELED me.  This was not PC, it did not pull punches, it followed a vision of a scary future and did not deviate.  Because of these attributes it probably burned the bridge for a sequel but DANG it delivered a kick-ass time!

20-   28 Days Later – I was expecting a bloody, gory zombie flick but I got so much more.  Heartfelt, earnest, and spooky film of What If?.  Cilian’s character goes from hipster messenger boy to a piss and vinegar head knockin badass.

Honorable Mention

21-   In Bruges – I did NOT expect to like this.  It has become a comfort to watch the protagonists’ trip through Belgium go from 1 to 10 in 90 minutes.  Also check out my other favorite Colin Ferrell movies; Intermission and Ondine ( most stateside folk only know him for SWAT and other silly action flicks).

22-   Shawshank Redemption – C’mon, I had to.

Get busy living, or get busy dying


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