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Present Time Consciousness (PTC) and Girevoy Sport

6/24/2013 KB Class@ Personal Best 


Skill- Jerk

A) 6 min Single KB Long Cycle (Clean & Jerk), Switch every min.

B) For time…

  • 50 Air Squats
  • 50 One Arm Swings (25/25)
  • 40 Air Squats
  • 40 One Arm Swings (20/20)
  • 30 Air Squats
  • 30 One Arm Swings (15/15)
  • 20 Air Squats
  • 20 One Arm Swings (10/10)
  • 10 Air Squats
  • 10 One Arm Swings (5/5)

C)  Core Circuit – Repeat 3x

  • Front Plank 30 sec
  • Scorpion 5x/leg
  • Sit-up Get-up 5x/arm (Go LIGHT to start)

Stretch,  go home and EAT

Tonight I am sticking around after I teach to do my personal workout, starting my 3rd week of training with Coach Christian.

Set 1: Shoulder Mobility- including OH squats, downward dog, dolphin pose, and Hindu Push-ups.  Test and Retest

Set 2: 20kg LC + Jerk 2’30” 6RPM

Set 3: 20kg Snatch 3′ 20,10,10,20 RPM Switch at 1’30”

Set 4: 16kg Swing + Snatch 5′ 14,14,7,7,14,14 RPM Switch at 2’30”

Long Assist Set


On Saturday I completed my 10 minute test set of 16kg LC at 10RPM.  This was my first ‘official 10 minute GS LC set.”  I would have achieved Rank 1 (16kg bells) with this set and am now ‘able’ to start training with heavier bells.

Even though I wandered around the weight room like a zombie for five minutes after the set it went quite well.  Tried to focus on technique, stomp the heels, quick knees, deep rack position, good bump, etc.  With the longer sets, I keep telling myself, “Chip away at it, take it one rep at a time.”  With this mindset I KNOW that next rep is achievable, and I can knock out one minute at a time.

Kettlebell Sport is a cyclic sport/practice which lends to almost a meditative environment, it doesnt happen often yet but once in awhile I get into ‘the zone’ during my sets.  This is where I shut out the entire world and experience true PTC or Present Time Consciousness.  This is an awesome sensation and an experience worth chasing.  Here is a link to how to experience the present moment.  This is an article written from a psychological mindset and applies well to kettlebell sport and life in general.  Worth the read!


Chip away at it, one rep at a time


About Dr. Jeff Stripling

Hey everyone, I am a Rolla, Missouri-based Active Release Technique (ART) chiropractor who specialises in musculoskeletal injuries, sports injuries, and active physical rehabilitation. Some things that are near and dear to my life are family and friends, my relationship with God, cycling, kettlebells, hiking/climbing, and QUALITY food and drink.


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