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Dusting off the ole shot put…

A few weeks back I started thinking about throwing the shot put again, I threw in high school but haven’t picked one up since.  Not sure why this urge came over me but I thought what the heck and ordered a 16lb’er which came in yesterday.  I have been watching a lot of youtube videos of technique and top-level competitions, and ready to get out there and work on my form.

I always threw using the glide technique rather than rotational, which is easier to learn but also used by the reigning Olympic champ, Tomasz Majewski and other elite throwers.  I was a high middle of the pack competitor in HS, but I had crap form and never put much time into it, so I am interested how this plays out.  Short term goal is to compete at the Rocky Mountain State Games in July and not embarrass myself.  

The beasts are unleashed in the video below…


The Madcow 5×5 program is a great training template for throwers because it focuses on BIG COMPOUND MOVEMENTS and the main goal is  an increase in TOTAL STRENGTH.  As it is a linear program, the plan is to take it until we start seeing plateaus in the lifts.  At this point I will most likely switch to the Wendler 5/3/1.



High Bar Back Squat 4 x 5 (115, 145, 175, 175)

Jerk 4 x 5 (115, 135, 160, 180)

Deadlift 4 x 5 (200, 240, 280, 320)

Assistance: Front Plank 5 x 30 sec

TGU 5 x 1/arm



About Dr. Jeff Stripling

Hey everyone, I am a Rolla, Missouri-based Active Release Technique (ART) chiropractor who specialises in musculoskeletal injuries, sports injuries, and active physical rehabilitation. Some things that are near and dear to my life are family and friends, my relationship with God, cycling, kettlebells, hiking/climbing, and QUALITY food and drink.


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