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“You only ever grow as a human being if you’re outside your comfort zone.” – Percy Cerutty

Joint Mobility/Dynamic Warm-up 10 min

32kg KB Snatch to Front Squat 3x/arm, followed by three box jumps.   10 sets, with a 1 min rest/set.

Followed by 30 min treadmill walk (in Vibrams of course)

The video shows one set (my tenth),you can see how I was overcompensating because of a fatigued grip and letting the arc get a bit wild on a few of the snatches. It’s fun to throw around the bigger bells, but not at the sacrifice of proper form.  Keep that in mind my friends,  ALWAYS AIM FOR QUALITY REPS!

Also wanted to mention that last Friday was Keri’s birthday, we headed straight to Euclid Hall for a mostly Primal/Paleo meal (I blame their exquisite beer selection).  Bone marrow, local sausage plate, and home brined pickles.  Ridiculously fantastic!


About Dr. Jeff Stripling

Hey everyone, I am a Rolla, Missouri-based Active Release Technique (ART) chiropractor who specialises in musculoskeletal injuries, sports injuries, and active physical rehabilitation. Some things that are near and dear to my life are family and friends, my relationship with God, cycling, kettlebells, hiking/climbing, and QUALITY food and drink.


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